martes, 10 de marzo de 2009



The conservative pit bull is still barking.

There were a lot of bad decisions that were made

The banks are going to get more money.

They're going to come back to Congress for more money.

The automobile industry is coming back.

The administration has a new Web site called

I don't know where it's headed, but it's a very good place

Nadya Suleman may be the most notorious mother in the world.

she gave birth to octuplets last month.

she's got six kids under the age of seven, as well.

I don't believe anything was a mistake

I understand that three of them are bottle feeding?

A paramedic talks about health care concerns in his townç

I say it's just the beginning of a dialogue here but that's one of the lessons learned

the president has talked about taxing people who make a lot of money.

He's talked about getting rid of waste in the health care system

The second question is that there are many interests here.

the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are doing pretty well

The heart surgery was not related to previuos surgery for a perforated ulcer.

Images were beamed around the world within minutes

people is sending their own video and pictures of the event.

Bloggers are exchanging firsthand information with the short message site Twitter.

Citizen journalists aren't bound by rules and restrictions facing the traditional media.

He was blogging on the attacks and is now looking into

And the jury is out that it seems that there is some recommendation

I want to visit my friends this weekend.

I live in my own apartment.

I am going to visit my parents next weekend.

I have studied Italian for a year

we can't come to the party next week

I'll write as soon as I get there.

I'm learning to cook Chinese food.

I am ill .I met him last year .They will be here soon.She has finished now.I am living in

He is going to Berlin tomorrow.I've just been to the butcher's.I can come next

I don't know what he'll say .

They went away yesterdayI would do the same myself if I were in your place.

I tried to ride a bicycle but I fell off three times.

I shall expect to see you next Wednesday.

These apples won't keep, they are too soft .

I haven't had enough time to finish what I started.

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